Ways to Improve Apartment Living

Anyone who has rented an apartment knows that the living situations in multi-family buildings can be challenging, from tiny living areas with no storage to noisy neighbors who keep you up all night. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a little effort and a few small changes, you can make your new place feel like home in no time.

Make Minor Upgrades

As a renter, there is a limit as to what you can change in your apartment. Many landlords have rules about what renters can do with their apartments. However, some small upgrades that are temporary and removable when you move out are usually not a problem. It is a good idea to check with your landlord first, but consider a nicer shower head or an energy-efficient lighting fixture.

Be a Good Neighbor

If your walls are thin, it's common that you'll hear your neighbors. Hopefully they'll be as respectful to you as you are to them, but that is not always the case. While you may get frustrated if your neighbors are playing loud music late into the night or talking in loud voices, it's important that you continue to be the kind of neighbor that you would like to have to keep relationships positive.

Invest in Organization

A small living space makes it difficult to find storage solutions that work. However, it is worth your time and money to invest in items for organization that will make your place feel more comfortable. For example, try using under-the-bed drawers for items that you don't use often or a hanging shoe holder behind your doors that can provide storage for more than just shoes.

Feeling Good at Home

Moving into a new rental apartment means that you'll have to get used to a new routine that you’re not yet familiar with. You can make the transition easier by doing a few things to improve your new lifestyle and feel like you're at home in your new space. Take the time to ask others who live with the same living conditions for ideas on how to make an apartment a real home.